YOGA Foundation (Virtual class using Zoom)*

Tuesday            10 am,  (starting September 8th)

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* This 8 weeks class focuses on building foundation for the yoga practice at any level. It is good to combine with other online yoga / exercise programs. Each week teaches one specific asana along with the series of poses designed to increase flexiblity / strength / body awareness. The accuracy of alignment for the safe and effective yoga practice is the main focus of this class. You can take one class or the whole 8 weeks.

The focus in each week is described as follows;
Week One, Breaths
Week Two, Warrior One
Week Three, Warrior Two
Week Four, Triangle
Week Five, Warrior Three / Airplane
Week Six, Hip Opening Poses
Week Seven, Half Moon / Balancing Half Moon
Week Eight, Savasana / Relaxation


Power Vinyasa YOGA  (Virtual class using Zoom)

Tuesday            4:30 pm

Thursday          4:30 pm

Saturday          4:30 pm

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Private Single / Group / Aerial

by appointment

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