YOGA Foundation* (Virtual class using Zoom)

Tuesday_FLOW                              10 am  

Thursday_FUNDAMENTAL          7 pm 

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* Yoga foundation class is based on Hatha yoga pursuing body/mind union by increasing body awareness during practice. Tuesday class involves some flow and variety but slower than the regular vinyasa yoga. Thursday class focuses on the building the foundation of yoga practice (breathing, alingnment, body awareness) and takes enough time in each element of yoga.

$80 / one class per week for 8 weeks total  + one home practice recording*
$150 / all access for 8 weeks total + two home practice recordings + missed class recording*
$60 / 5 class packs (valid for 2 months from the purchase)

$13 / drop-in

*Practice recording is for the personal use only. Please don’t share and forward the practice recording! The violation can cause the possible lawsuit. Thanks!

Power Vinyasa YOGA*  (Virtual class using Zoom)

Tuesday            4:30 pm

Thursday          4:30 pm

Saturday          4:30 pm

* Power Vinyasa is a fun way of practicing yoga increasing strength and flexibility of body and mind. The class is fast-paced but the practitioner has always choice to adjust for their own need. It is good to know the basic asanas to hop into this class.

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Private Lesson

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