Yoga de-ages body and matures mind.

Kripalu YOGA

Kripalu YOGA is based on hatha yoga, pursuing the mind and body union through physical practice. The class is composed of pranayama(breathing), warm-ups, asanas(yoga poses), Shavasana or Yoga Nidra(deep relaxation or yogic sleep), integration. The aim of the practice provides a guide in relieving pain and stress while developing the ability to navigate one’s life with a healthy and strong body & mind.

This class focuses on
• building strength/flexibility,
• challenging limit/boundary,
• cultivating control/serenity.

The level of practice depends on the class dynamic and level. The practitioner should modify the yoga poses for their own needs and goal. Verbal or physical assists will be provided on the consent of a student.


Interoceptive YOGA*

Interoceptive yoga focuses on activating interoception in our being. “Interoception” is a wordless place in our brain where the bodily experience resides before visual or verbal processing happens. Interoception is the key to developing the pathway of body and mind and the agency to glide through our life with ease.

Interoceptive yoga best fits for the people who feel stuck or trapped in their current situation and want to melt something inside so they may flow in everyday living.

This class focuses on
• selective use of inviting language emphasizing personal choices and the present moment
• elimination of distracting languages/assists/breathing techniques from the regular yoga setting
• cues to develop body awareness and interoception/embodiment 
• the shared experience between teacher and student
• creation of a safe space for exploration and investigation of personal experience for each individual in the class
• No physical assist/touch will exist in this class.

* Ask for Private or Private Group for Interoceptive YOGA